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The Evolution of Genome
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William S. Burroughs, a famed American writer and visual artist, once said, “When you stop growing, you start dying.” While this can be applied to life, it’s also true of a business in any industry. This is even more significant in the technology industry. Software is evolving at a breakneck pace and adapting to advances is paramount to survival.

What is Genome?
One of the core tenants at Binary Evolution is a drive for constant growth and advancement. Whether it’s integrating new HTML or CSS standards or discovering a novel way to solve problems through known technology, we consistently strive to move the needle. The execution of this vision can be exemplified by the visual history of Genome, which is the internal framework and foundation for the software we write.

Genome vs off-the-shelf software solutions
This framework isn’t quite a fully-fledged project ready to go (that would be an out-of-the-box software solution), but rather it’s a solid foundation from which more can be built. With software-as-a-service or out-of-the-box software solutions, you need the software to fit exactly what you need. If it does, then it is probably a great option for your business. However, if your needs require something slightly different than what that software offers, you are using several disparate systems, or if your system doesn’t closely match your business needs, you’re likely to face more problems than solutions.

Genome vs software built from scratch
When you build a software platform from the ground up, you are essentially inventing the wheel over and over. Software development requires a lot of foundational programming before you can even start creating something that actually runs. If software development was a car, and you built it from scratch every time, you could liken the process to building a new drill, welding torch, and even nuts and bolts each time. Genome is our drill, torch, and bolts, from which we can create custom solutions using tools we’ve enhanced, tested, and implemented over decades.

A striking benefit of this process is that our library of solutions is enhanced over time. As we improve our tools for a variety of features, styles, widgets, etc, each future project inherits this work. Not only does this exemplify our vision to continually evolve and improve, it’s also an efficient way to benefit our clients. When we begin a project with a new partner, they effectively leverage 20 years of development starting on day one of their project.

The Evolution of Genome video is simply a representation of our development growth over a 20-year period. These efforts aren’t quite as simple as the video reflects, but we think it does a great job of conveying the beauty of collaboration and subsequent evolution of our code that beckons the next partner and summons a new challenge.

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