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What We Do

Binary Evolution is a business solutions company specializing in custom web, mobile, and software development. We also specialize in system integration, database architecture, copywriting, and UI/UX design.

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Our Mission

At Binary Evolution, we turn complex business challenges into simple, elegant solutions. We pride ourselves in offering a unique, nurturing environment that fosters passion and individual growth. The result is a team empowered to seek innovative solutions that bring visions to life.

Our Vision

We are distinguished by our vision to push the boundaries of technology in order to solve real-world problems and enhance the overall user experience. We truly believe in the importance of looking beyond the now and striving towards a better future through technology.

Our History

Binary Evolution’s company origins began as MediaMacros, Inc in 2000. Our team of highly skilled designers, UX specialists, Business Developers, Application Developers, and System Specialists have experience in all modern web and app technologies, custom tools, and cutting edge technologies (we have created projects for some of the top companies in the world). There is an average of 20 years experience with each member of our development team; we really are the experts.

We changed our name to Binary Evolution in 2018. After almost two decades in business, we reflected on the changing nature of technology and the ability of our company’s name to reflect that, now we are Binary Evolution - a name that represents our continual desire to provide innovative, technological solutions with cutting edge technology.

Random BE Thoughts

After years in the business, we have a few thoughts about technology … we’ll share a few.

Our Values

The team at Binary Evolution has outlined six core values that we believe define our mentality and workplace atmosphere. These values translate to a school of thought that influences how we treat each other, our partners, and our clients.

We value the opportunity to tackle unique challenges and create elegant solutions.

We value honest, personal working relationships and the symbiotic solutions that result. We also like to work hard and have fun with each other.

We value the people we work for and with and love to share our talents to make their lives a little easier.

We value flexibility - to find solutions in unique ways, to listen and adapt, and to live well-rounded lives.

We are the sum of our collective skills, and to effectively tap into those talents, we value the need to collaborate with each other and our clients for a more impactful result.

Ownership and Passion
Innovation and advancement is what we strive for in everything that we do. We value that unique blend of passion and ownership that drives us to not only complete a task, but further it with improved processes for innovative results.

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